Anyone here in the bike biz know (thats maybe too strong a word… maybe “have an inkling” is better) if straight 1 1/8" steerers are going to be killed off by the major couple of suspension fork manufacturers anytime soon? I am thinking of a 44mm headtube but my inner-grouch says 1 1/8" is alwasy going to be enough for me and looks nicer. I dont wanna be left high n dry in a couple years, y’know?

I have no inside knowledge but I’d be considering it if I was buying a new MTB frame as you can upsize a 1 1/8th fork crown to a 1.5" headtube lower… but not the reverse?

Thats my 2c anyway.

You can’t buy a full carbon disc fork (I’m talking road/cx here) without a tapered steerer, (anymore, there was one Whisky), sus forks are going the same way.

If you have a steel fork a 1" steerer is fine, and if you can get the fork you want now in 1 1/8" just go that way, you can always buy another frame (the idea of a frame for life rarely, if ever, turns out to be true), I wouldn’t sweat it too much.

The HT in question:

(JP you should read all of PVD’s site, I think you’ll like a bunch of it)

I like that guys style… bongs, bikes, moto, skating, machining pron…what’s not to like?

Bit of a thread dig, but does anyone know where to get a 1 1/8 100mm suspension 26 inch fork with 15mm thru axle?? They seem rare as hens teeth.

Alternatively I could get a QR fork and upgrade the lower to 15mm (if you could find them)- for instance you can do this with SID.

Any ideas would be appreciated.



SR Suntour XCR Lo 26" Suspension Fork 1 1 8" 100mm Q Loc 15mm White | eBay

not cheap
Bike24 - Fox Racing Shox 32 Float 100 FIT CTD w/ Trail Adjust QR15 Fork Thru Axle white 2013

Listing is old but you get the idea

Thanks, ouch that price

Yup they’re rare now. Look for secondhand. They were in production a few years 2008-2010/11 (?) ago but were quickly superseded by tapered steerers and XC trending towards wagon wheels. Also 15mm axles are more trail orientated, with racers still preferring 9mm QRs. Look for look for a set of 120-130mm forks and lower them with travel spacers (the weight penalty will be slight); or do what you say buy two forks, swap lowers and sell off the unwanted fork.

Alternately, if you have DT Swiss, Hope or Hadley hubs, get a DT Swiss 9mm Thru Bolt and hub adaptors. I used to run these and they improve front end tracking markedly - pretty close to a maxle (I have a Thru bolt and hub adaptors in my tool box if you’re interested).

Thanks for the info DICE, makes sense.

I wonder how that SR fork would be- apart from the weight, would it be a piece of shit? Crazy cheap!

FWIW… I got DT Swizz forks… :smiley: :smiley: