Nick’s skidstar + Andy’s revisited red thing…?



something starting with this:

fork is a random piece of crap, frame is a Malvern Star Skidstar GT, albeit slightly more nodern than Nick’s I think. The dropouts are brazed to the seatstays rather than bolted, and it has this aggravatingly weird BB shell which I’m having hell finding a unit to fit:

plenty of tyre clearance though:

parts…whatever I have lying around…as evidenced by the BG I have a bit of stuff lying around. 42/18? 19? 39/18?

700c wheels on cheap BMX hubs (for the 110mm S-A spacing yo), 38s if I can fit them, whatever cranks I can find, emergency/hill brake, Shifter’s Sushi bars because I’m the only person on the forum who doesn’t have a pair…SPDs, brooks pro saddle I have on the shelf.

Does anyone know anything about this BB shell? It’s 68mm, originally designed for a one-piece crank but not the common modern type. No threads, just a notch in the drive side. I’m thinking of just brazing a regular 1.37" * 24 shell in there.

  • Joel

Can you just get somebody to cut some threads into it and use a Shimano UN?? catridge BB?

If It is a bit biger that a standard BB then it is a special BB that has a sleve with a lug to match the notch, the other end has an internal thread to match a standard cup, I have only ever seen one, I took it off an old bike that was resirected as a wheel chair for over seas. Where are you? If you cannot find one locally I have one in Botany, Sydney that you can have.


What is the metal tag thingy on the chain stay for?


Hi Joel,

A couple of thoughts…

I can’t tell from the picture, but is the BB shell oversize? similar to a BMX’s ! When I first worked in a small bike shop in the UK throwing adjustable spanners and hammers at cheap BMX’s and MTB’s there were a few which had a similar set-up, you had to just push in a very basic steel cup/bearing shell into each side, the 1 piece axle then was passed through, (ball bearings added and adjustable bearing race on the axle adjusted, and away you go (for about 50km before they seized or fell apart, poor design and poor Uk weather is not compatible). The notch could be there to wedge a screwdriver in to pop the cup out when required.

If it’s not oversized, then you could try to source a “I’ve stripped my BB threads” replacement cartridge BB unit (I think possibly SKS did a unit, I may be wrong…!) these have two end cups that thread onto the cartridge units axle/bearing shell, rather than your frames threads, so should work with your frame. I’ve used one of these units (again in the hammer and adjustable spanner mantainance years…) and they are pretty good.

looking at the bike carnage in the background I get the feeling that you may already know the above info anyway, are those bikes dying or being brought back to life… :slight_smile:

Cheers… Pete.

dying or…?

A little bit of both I think. Some are worth resurrecting - the rest are donors.

The shell has a larger ID than an english BB shell - by about 3mm. Reaming out the shell and taking 1mm off the OD of a standard lugless BB shell will mate them together close enough to be brazed. But if I can get hold of a proper unit that would be far preferable - The driveside cup is held with the notch so that it doesn’t turn, and the left cup threads onto the unit…I think…

So like Dave described. I would love to buy that one off you Dave - to save me brazing things! Thanks for the offer.

The thing on the chainstay is for a chaincase.

  • Joel

Might i suggest Shimano DX bmx hubs?

the freehub ones? defeats the purpose. I have a pair of old mongoose hubs here, rear wheel has been laced since the first post anyway.

Do you have a nice set of old DXs?

  • Joel

Joel…That was only an 1:40 ago. I like the bike, and believe it will come up a treat. Are you going to put fenders on it? I have a similar bike, that has wooden fenders that looks very nice.

I enlarged your photos to see what you have lying in the background…all I can say, very jealous of your shed…


Goes to show i wasn’t even thinking when i posted :smiley:

Can we have some more pics of that rig with the gold handlebars? Also, maybe a spanish-bmx-ish BB is the ticket if that other one don’ work out. Would take some reaming and such though.


Its a bit rusty as you can see, also wieghs about 230gms on the kitchen scales, seeing your shed looks neater than mine, maybe a swap! You dont have a head set for a '53 5-star at all do you? Or perhaps a track cog? In Sydney eveyone seems to throw out geared bikes :frowning: At leats the 53 Malvern star 5-star has a free fixed rear end, just no fixed cog.

I’l pm you my email , Dave


I have a headtube but no headset unfortunately !

Is there anything else you’d like? I gave away my last track cog last week!

I PMd you about possible headset source. I’m more than happy to pay money for that wonderful looking widget.

  • Joel

it’s funny what you fine on the side of the road…


A 5-star on the side of the road, that really is a BRILLIANT find.

Sadly thought, if it too big I will take it off your hands :roll: he he


  • Joel

The chainguard bolts onto it. There’s another tab under the downtube for the front end of the chainguard.


  • Joel