instant hipster: Repco baker's bike

Vintage Retro Repco Bakers Bike Bicycle Industrial Newspaper Basket Original | eBay

pretty cool ride imo :wink:

fuck yes

Wonder if you could fit a slab of cans in that basket (Bottles too heavy on the steering).

WAAAAANT !! So rad.

the bike is shit, the basket is not.

basket envy.

Makes it cooler imo :wink:

As to the question by floody … I’d say no probs, these bikes are designed for heavy front loads and indeed ride fine (and most often better) once loaded up. It would have had a wicker basket with handles that sits inside the metal outer frame but often that’s long since perished. I’d rig up some mesh to make it hold all.

Lastly I’d check what tyre sizes it has (different front and back) just to make sure they’re still available. Sometimes these bikes have some wacky combo’s.