Instead of tatts...

I did an illo on my bag…I wanted something other than plain old orange so I figured I’d draw on it. I’m thinking about filling it up with drawings all over it eventually, somthing different.

looks killer!

that looks mad!

Teh hotness
What did you use? (I was thinking of "decorating " my bag, but now i’d just be a copy cat :slight_smile: )

P.S. wont the drawing be upside down when you wear the bag?

nice job!
do it DF. i already drew up my bag. a bit of manga/tatto art, plus shifters patch! sets you apart from all the stock crumplers out there.

I’m getting meggs to draw one of these guys on…

i dont get the thread title…

I placed my drawing over some carbon paper which I used to draw on top of with a biro for the outline and then traced over it with a posca.

And yep, when it was all done I realised I did it upside down :-o

meggs is sick, his characters are sooooo good. please post your bag when he does it!!!