Does anyone have insurance (other than standard home & contents) on their bikes? I’d like to insure my bike for when it’s locked up outside etc. I had a quick look at Velosure, but is there other bicycle-friendly insurance companies out there?

after watching the tour for two weeks… there’s this one company that has subliminally entered my head…

i’m not gona name it, but watch tonight’s stage and you’re bound to see the ad at least 20 times.

haha subliminally with a pickaxe!!

Cyclecover do home and contents, with really comprehensive bike cover. No value-limit on bikes, 90 days travel insurance, accidental damage cover, theft cover, etc. I got a quote and it was about $500PA for $35,000 of cover from memory.

A mate uses them and recommended them quite highly.

have a close read of the Product Disclosure Statement at page 13 it starting with
"We will not cover any loss…
particularly read the bit about the type of structure it needs to be in if it is to be covered.
After reading that I decided to go with CGU to cover my bikes including when I am at the coffee shop (after having a 2008 Giant TCR stolen last Oct which was not covered by my insurance policy)
Bike Victoria forums have very good discussions on bike insurance, worth a read of them; they disclose what can be very hard to read in an insurance company’s product disclosure statement.

Any chance you could save us the reading and tell us which is best? (although I assume that since you chose CGU, you think CGU is teh best!)

I choose CGU but that is full household contents, accidental damage to anything (phones, notebook computers etc)
I was wanting full coverage when I rode the 2009 Scott Addict I bought (with no insurance payout) to replace the stolen Giant. CGU covers all my bikes for everything apart from motorpacing and racing.
The ad for Velosure in a recent Bicycling Aust magazine looked interesting for bike only cover

I just got a new bike a few weeks back and was wondering the same thing so i called up our insurance agency i got quoted 170$ per year that covers your bike if you are in a crash/racing that kind of thing.

But Home and Contents insurance covers it if it is locked up outside and gets stolen up to 1 grand cover.

so i decided to go and buy a nice 160$ lock and crossed my fingers it doesn’t get stolen.

you know it makes sense…

I have read some topics on insurance but I’m still confused on which company to go with has any one got some new advise who there with at a reasonable price

doesn’t membership of BikesSA include bike insurance… the last I looked it did… looked at it and it seemed pretty good only I have CGU home and contents with accident cover which includes bikes… both my son and my wife had theirs stolen some years ago and they were fully covered and my son had just left his outside a maccas

BikeSA is for Third Party and personal injury, not for your own bike. Also it covers you for medical and loss of income. here
my membership gets renewed today.
might be needing it if I have a brainfade seeing this one