Hey guys,

as the number of bikes in our garage has now risen to 7 bikes we’d like to have them insured. I was thinking of a home content cover and to list the bikes as specially insured items to be on the safe side. Have you guys your bikes insured and if so how? Made a quick reserche and a home content isurance for up to $30.000 in total would be $200pa which I think is fair enough as long as it ticks all the boxes.

Let me know what you think.


Come on, don’t tell me any of you guys has any kind of insurance?

Yeah im with NRMA. My bikes/guns are all covered under ‘sporting equipment’ as part of my normal cover up to the value i nominated.

The bikes/other sporting equipment is also covered under ‘portable contents’ for when in use or outside the home.

Be careful here because i nom’d some big value but im never riding 4 bikes/shooting at the same time, so wound that back recently.

My insurance is dearer than your quote, but I am ensuring a lot more too.

I also put a claim through earlier this year for a frame i cracked, and that was no dramas. Hope that helps.

Go see an insurance broker. Mine is ace. They check my policy against other insurers each year and tell me when to change.

When my Kona was stolen I just sent them an email with my police report ID and a quote for replacement and then they dealt with the insurer and sent me a cheque.

Same as HLC: I’ve got cover through my contents insurance

Thanks guys! Just wanted to make sure that I’m on the right path.

you can also read more over on bna:
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30k isn’t much. Is that just the bikes?
I assume renting. If not use your bank/broker to get special cover.

No I’m confused :wink: but thanks for the links.

No thats all inclusive and we don’t really have much that would be of any value :wink: We arent even concerned of people breaking into our apartment as theres nothing really thats worth it. Its the garage where our heart lies.

Same here - I have unspecified sporting goods to the value of $8k with NRMA contents.

Just a word of advice - the $30k won’t include individual items over a certain sum as the $30k is the sum total of everything that’s covered (the policy will refer to it as an unspecified items maximum of $1500 per item, for example). So if you will need to have it listed or itemised on the schedule for cover to apply. This also applies if you have 1 item that’s worth $15k but it’s unspecified as even if you have it categorised generally, it still could be subject to an individual item limit.

Think about how engagement rings are covered; you can have $50k for “jewellery” but if the engagement ring is worth $20k it might not be covered unless you have ENGAGEMENT RING $20k endorsed on the policy schedule.

Pretty sure that I will go with NRMA…thanks again!

I thought guns were “ghetto insurance”