integrated headsets

Ok, so I’m building up my old Hillbrick pista alloy frame which has an integrated headset.

Its a pain in the arse as I dont know much about these types of headsets.

Firstly, is there anything in particular I should be looking for?
ie. in relation to sizing, stack height etc etc?

I emailed Hillbrick, they replied with not much info and have since had no luck getting any more out of them.

Am thinking about just pulling the trigger on one of these and hoping it fits

Wiggle | FSA Orbit CE Black 1 1/8 Integrated Aheadset Headsets

Any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


I’d post a link to another thread that was posted just days ago about integrated headsets but I cbf.

In summation,

Take it to your LBS.

1 headset from there is cheaper than 3 headsets from online that are the wrong size.

nah just buy some stuff online, after you have acquired 4 different headsets from different ‘advice’ on this forum you will have enough parts to make something

get some electrical tape to take up any play if it doesnt seem to fit right

Simon, I’m almost certain that will work.

rad, cheers james