intense downhill

link. - pretty unreal

The stairs section. The dog. Amazing.

Downhill scares the shit out of me.

pretty great hey! wouldn’t catch me doing that, ever

i wish adelaide was like that. we don’t have enough stairs :frowning:

hard to have stairs when you are located on a flat plain

i was watchin cycling central yesterday(sunday) on sbs they had the MTB worlds on looked sick, was in Adelaide no?

There looked like there would be some mad hills in adelaide. They’ve got a fuckin wall of hills

this too, Red Bull Desafio No Morro…

fckin amazein

yeah there are heaps of nice tracks in the hills, it’s just getting up there that is the issue.
would be nice to have something close to the city to go for a bash after work


Put’s the all those back ward circle videos on vimeo in perspective.

thats insane, you’ve got to have some serious balls for that kind of stuff and a lack of fear/brain.

The rotors would be red hot after those kind of runs.

Mind you I’ve watched DH at Mt buller, and this would rate up there, and I reckon actual DH in the bush is worse, as the ashpalt is very easy to read and very even, but shifting and uneven surfaces is much more dangerous, mind you, hitting a building and hitting a tree might be on par and either way isn’t fun.

Ah the good ol’ VCA run.

I used to watch these runs so often when I was riding downhill…

Ah those were the days…

Mind you kind of funny now post Fixie fettish that my MTB got slim slicks put on it, and now it looks like insane downhill city clicker with 8" of travel up front, colour coordinated fork/bottle cage, a fizik saddle, miss matched wheels, and a BOgear Toptube pad…
I think my fixie fettish has extended ironically to my downhill bike too… I should post a pic

Mental. Love the makeshift track barriers.

First post here.

Here is a 2011 VCA run


Super sketchy!

I love how they put the dog in a different part of the course this year. Changing it up