Interesting article on frame strength.

May have been posted here before but I thought it was interesting, especially as it shows how construction and tooling effect frame strength rather than just matarial choice. I found it looking for frame weights for Columbus spirit frames anyone know what the average should for say a 54cm frame roughly.

EFBe Biketest: TOUR-Frametest

While the absolute weights don’t mean much on their own… the relative weights can be determined by looking at the charts on the columbus site.

On this… I seem to remember reading on a framebuilder’s site, that using lugged construction meant the tubes could be lighter, as they don’t require extra material at the joints to weld. Because of this, a tubeset for lugs was generally lighter than the non-lugged equivalent. This is not the case when looking at the charts of the columbus site. Can someone shed light on this?


Spirit for lugs:

I think the answer may just be inconsistencies on the Columbus website… (I-talians)… as the charts do depict a thinner tubeset for use with lugs.

The Spirit chart has at the bottom:

Whereas Spirit for lugs does not. Still, thoughts appreciated.