Internal nipple mystery??

OK, so I’ve got rear rim with internal nipples, nothing new. However I go tighten up a few loose spokes today to find that the nipples are neither a hex or square cut!

They are totally round with a slot for a flat head screw driver in the centre. Seems simple enough but he spokes protrude through the nipples by 1mm or 2mm. I searched the net high and low and spoke to my mate Eric down at Gear Shop and I can’t find shit and he has never seen anything like it before.

My course of action is to take to a flat head screw driver with an angle grinder to make a custom flat head driver with a notch out of the centre! Seriously!

Anyone got anything, heard of a tool, got a mate of a mate who had this problem?

presumably these are deep profile crabon rims? what brand wheels?

Close, deep profile alloy. No branding on the rim however.

Wonder how they were built… I’ve made such a screw driver before for getting rounded off nipples out of wheels. Can drop it into Gear tomorrow if you’d like

Hey thanx man thats really good of you, but I think I’m gonna make one for the tool box myself. I really want to know WTF is going here, and if guys like you and me really have to go around taking to screw drivers with power tools!

It’s strange. THe wheel had to have been built some how. Maybe with a professionally cut screwdriver…

Yeah strange it is. This is my first night on this site, well any forum ever really. Really impressed with the community spirit this whole interweb thingo has going hey. In looking around we see to share a mutual friend Bender “Ollie” from ugees coffee shop. I been mates with him since he started there. I ride the pink frame pink wheels single getting around (I don’t think theres more than one) what you ride? If I see ya round I’ll be sure to say G’day. Ollie knows me as duggy, only people who are into graff know me as lokione.

Can be good round here although the kid in the post your ride section is copping it (deservedly). I’m normaly on either my Girini (fluro roadie) or raceline (black fix with a trispoke) I work at Gear on the odd occasion too. Is that your piece out the back of Ugees with the playing cards?

Yeah cool, Nah thats not my piece out the back. It’s not bad but my work is little more FTW.
Check this link if ya get a chance
And yeah that kid is copping it. NOOB.

Woah - take it easy there.

sounds like the builder has used normal DT nipples instead of the pillar style hex heads… sounds like the spokes are a little to long too…

sounds like you’ll need to butcher a screwdriver to get the job done, it’s not ideal though as with only one flat it’ll be easy to mess the nipple head up…

Pretty disappointed to come to this thread and not see any teat milk.