International Jens Voigt Day, 18th Sept

17th Sept is Jens Voigt’s birthday. I have declared the 18th the inaugural International Jens Voigt Day. We should celebrate in Teutonic fashion, with beer and schnitzel. I expect the UN and governments everywhere will soon acknowledge it as a worldwide holiday.

Meet at The Concordia Club, Mackay Park, Richardson Crescent, Tempe NSW 2044 at 5pm.

Concordia Club Sydney - Home

Anyone in Lederhosen gets a special place in my heart forever.

Just for good measure:

Shut up Legs - YouTube

I’m only coming if you actually drink beer.

I’ll imbibe, fo sho.

Sounds good. I’ll try to make it.

It’s in my diary!

Sounds good.

I got the Ducati Concourse on during the day, but I should be good to make it in the arvo.

Ja! I like it! Count me in.

Just for info, the correct way to pronounce it is Jense Vorkud. Or something.

According to Danish TV he’s ‘Yens Fuck’.

Place looks good. Concordia Club

Those with partners, are they bringing them?

I won’t be.

Does the club have a dress code, and somewhere to safely leave bikes, ie next to the bar??

Anyone riding there?

No dress code I can work out. Not sure how a load of blokes I lycra will be received? I’m riding but only from my place. It gets pretty busy on a sunday, so I wouldn’t assume you can bring your bike inside. There are spots outside to lock it up, but I wouldn’t guarantee their safety.

I will be riding - just in normal clothes. Nell isn’t coming. Bikes would be pretty safe i reckon.

Thisis the Pork Knuckle I had yesterday when Duncan & I were there. I couldn’t finish it, it is soooo nice though.

i wana come!! no lycra either as i’ll be coming from work
not super keen to lock the palree up any where i’m a bring it in kinda guy…

I got a bit giggly and pissed on two pints. Definitely going to plum for the Knuckle on Sunday.

Haidee is coming. It’s not the most vego-friendly place, but Jens Voigt is obviously so worthy of celebration that she’s into it. Either that or she’s planning to order the camembert as a main.

I’ve got this other thing on that I have to go to, but it’s in Newtown, so I might chuck the tarckbike in the car and roll to Concordia. Did we have a time in mind? Cos I’m not sure what time my Newtown thing is.

Edit: just re-read, 5pm it is.