International Shipping????

Hey y’all,
Just wondering if anyone knows a cheap international shipper?
I’ve got a wheel on ebay and need to get an idea for postage costs.

Any help would be sweet.

You are the buyer or seller? are pretty good, although I’ve only used them domestically.

ooops. I’m the seller. thanks i’ll peep them.

they are only domestic. I checked out fedex, pack’n’send, and ups, and they all quote in between $450 and $750! :-o
Surely there has to be a cheaper option seeing as though you can get wheels off the bay for like $45AUD from the states???
Help pleasE!! :expressionless:

DHL? not cheap IME but often not as exxy as fedex or UPS

What about Australia Post?

they have strict size limitations that don’t seem to be adequate.

I’m going postal here! argh!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Wiggle uses Parcelforce, might be worth a look.

Auspost should do it so long as none of the parcel’s dimensions exceed 100cm.

Don’t trust they’re online calculator. Talk to a real person at a real post office.

It’s the 140cm girth limit that makes it nigh on impossible to post 700C wheels, not any single dimension.

Pack it as small as possible and bat your eyelashes at the counter-clerk.

Thanks for all the help guys. I’ll head to an Aus post and see one of their friendly workers :roll:

Sometime you can have better luck by going to one of the Aus Post agencies rather than a full blown Post Office. These guys are normally more accomodating because they are earning a buck for themselves.


Hi mate - I had this same problem last week. See this thread:,10094.0.html

In the end I used interparcel:

And I used the ebay discount code availabe here:

AusPost wouldn’t take mine. The reason they ask for 140cm girth is that they put all international parcels in these big sacks, and the sacks are 140cm circumference – ie 140cm max girth – any more and it won’t fit in the sack.

It cost me $157 to send a wheelset to the US, and the service was excellent. I put in the order online and they picked it up from my house a couple of hours later. Recommended.

hey does anyone have a rough idea on how much it would cost to send a bike to NZ from adelaide or melbourne???