International transportation


I’m moving OS very soon, taking my bike on the flight. Wondering what you fine people can recommend in terms of bags / cases.

I know Google is my friend and all that, and I’ve seen a few options, but first hand experience from Aussies is the kind of info I’m after, especially since I’ll be buying locally.


Jump on ProBikeKit, a lil variety. Depending on your price range really, but i have used one of those prorace deluxe padded bags to travel interstate and my mate has taken his roadie OS in one. Pretty durable, you can wrap the bike in bubble wrap to be doubley sure and then just chuck em in and they are usually pretty good.

Thanks, will look into it! Didn’t think of bubble wrap, that’s a rad idea.

I took my roadie to france last year.
Ground Effect Tardis was about $130 IIRC.
wrapped the bike in a MASSIVE sheet of bubble wrap which I had to turf when i got there due to the bulk of it. It didn’t stand up too well around the pointy bits of the bike.
Coming back I went to a bunnings-style hardware shop and bought some pipe insulation. it’s fairly dense foam that you wrap around pipes to stop them freezing in winter or for hot water to retain it’s heat. these things have a jig-saw puzzle style seam so it interlocks around the pipes. These come in a variety of sizes which were perfect for my steel frame. if you’ve got oversize tubing (alu or carbon) you mightn’t have as much luck.

spacing the forks and dropouts is VERY important. I just used some metal tubing cut to size and secured with QR skewer. Old hubs (with sans rim) work just as well I understand. And of course you can buy commercially produced spacers as well.

remove the rear derailluer, stick it in a plastic bag and tape it up under your rear brake bridge to protect it. Put your chain on the biggest chain ring to protect the teeth and bike bag. If the derailluer hanger is removable, remove it. my hanger got bent coming back.

i plugged the axles of my hubs with the plastic caps that came with another set of wheels. your LBS might be happy to give you some for free.

hard cases are a safe albeit expensive option and generally weigh a lot. with the bike in it, don’t expect much change from 20kg.

Excellent tips, thanks!

I took my carbon roadie to Europe a couple of months back in just a cardboard bike box from a LBS. No problem at all, just make sure it’s bubble wrapped and the wheels are zip tied in good to the frame. You also must make sure you have the plastic fork inserts so your forks don’t take side pressure without the wheel in them.

Too easy, no stress. Get to the airport, ride away and don’t worry about the security scare left behind by the abandoned box.

good times.

[Vic specific]

cardboard bike boxes, dropout spaces, hub protectors, polly styrofoam bike box corner braces and tube protection foam call all be found for free on Edward Street Brunswick, down the side of Lygon Cycles. I went in first to ask just to be polite, and they were happy for me to take whatever I could find in and next too their wheelie bin Cool attitude, even though they have to pay for business rubbish removal anyhow.

I was wondering, after they make styrofoam, what do they ship it in?

Packing peanuts

Thanks for the advice people, much appreciated. I’ll pop into Edward Street on the weekend for a squizz.

I will be living in Europe and assume I’ll be traveling around by train quite a bit, so the easier to move the bike, the better.

On another note:

Pinel & Pinel Bike Trunk

I lived in europe for a bit and a lot of the trains had dedicated ski gear / bike sections to make it pretty easy to travel around with your sports gear.

Dunno if that goes all the way down the the 5th class europass tickets you get when you’re bumming around on the cheap though :lol:

Quick update.

I went to Lygon St Cycles yesterday and had a good chat with the assistant. He offered me bike boxes and spacers for $3 which is awesome. Nice guys in there.

I was halfway down Lygon St and realised I forgot to buy some tubes which was the main part of my mission, so I went past BSC and asked them. They also offered me boxes and spacers for a low price.

Apparently both stores are always throwing out that kind of stuff so getting them isn’t an issue.

Yay LSB’s.

I then caught up with my mate this morning who showed me the Tardis bag he traveled to the USA in, funnily enough, with the bike I now own.

From Fyxomatosis:

As I’m traveling through a few places before my final destination, and will be traveling when I get there, it makes more sense to me to wear my bike on my back, rather than punish myself through public transport with a giant cardboard box.

Don’t ever pay money for cardboard bike boxes and spacers. It’s a beer money scam. :wink:

I love beer. :x