internet providers

just moved house and need to set up internet.

i’m afte ADSL2+ but TPG don’t have any free ports in the Northcote exchange.

Anyone got any suggestions on who to go with?

i’d like:
static IP
<$60 per month
as much up and down as i can get for <$60/m
prefer no dicky peak and off peak times (like 10/15 and 9am-4am / 4am-9am - like i’m going to be up at 4-9am to make use of that…)
shaped - not be stung with excess charges if i go over.

current possibilities are Netspace, Dodo, OzISP, iiNet

I’ve got iiNet at home, and they’re alright if you mix in your phone line rental too. They give you some added benefits like boosted speeds and a larger cap.

Offpeak is 2am - 12pm, and their free zone or whatever is really useful as a lot of stuff is on it. Even if you’ve exceeded your monthly limit you will get full speeds on quite a few things, and transfers between people on the same ISP.

Bit pricey, though.

Broadband Choice will tell you.


been there, done that. hence the initial list.

I’m with internode, and have been totally happy with them.

And on the rare occasion I have had problems, a real person has answered the phone and helped me out.

I was with Exetel, pretty good experience. Just moved house and switched to iinet, also good.

Both deals have been Naked ADSL2, cheap $$$ plus the VOIP is free which is great for that weekly interstate phonecall to parents and siblings. VOIP with iinet is far more reliable than exetel. Speed beats out my connection at work as well which is just plain wrong considering I work at a University!

i’m with iinet and they’re pretty good. would switch the n00dz-DSL, but 2 weeks downtime seems like a drag.

OK. FWIW, I’m very happily with Internode.

internode if you can get it. no peak/off peak IIRC. rock solid. fast.

i foolishly changed from internode to TPG. I regretted it somewhat. All that extra data is handy but load times for websites are slow because they use a proxy which adds latency. Download speeds are good but actually forming the connections is a bit slow. Their customer service is terrible.

From my limited understanding of dodo i wouldn’t go anywhere near them. Not sure if it’s still the case but when i was looking into ISPs a couple of years ago they charge you if you go over (not shaped). They might even charge you for uploads as well.

I’ve got clients on iiNet. Seems to do the trick but they don’t have particularly high requirements so I can’t really comment beyond that.

+1 internode.

The problem with a lot of ULL/Naked stuff is that they count uploads towards your monthly limit.

So do the staff Tel$uck rates suck just as much the retail rates?

Been with internode since '02. No issues.

Telstra staff discounts are pretty shit.

Yeah it makes it hard to do a lot of P2P stuff when the uploads are counted, but if you don’t do P2P then I doubt you’ll notice it that mutch, I certainly don’t.