Introducing Adelaide Bicycle Polo Club

Hi all,

I thought I would register so I can pester you in another way about up-coming bike polo games. Numbers have been a bit low and the fixie community isn’t represented very well at polo. Maybe you have not known…

Its hard to say how many of you I have actually met as I cant put usernames to faces but if you havent played some bike polo in Adelaide yet we are meeting this Sunday at 2pm on Gawler Place between Flinders and Pirie Streets.
Lately we havent been able to play there due to parked cars but we have some alternative venues if that is the case.

There is also a Melbourne Tournament on at the end of this month so if anyone wants to travel over as a team let me know. They are offering to billet us out if you need accommodation.


Feel free to let me know if your interested in anything polo or why you may not be.



(What I ride: various incarnations of a rusty Peugeot Singlespeed or a “46er” Blue Polobike.)

I’ll try and get a couple of us to swing by and check it out on Sunday. Hopefully the weather fines up.

i’m keen to checkit

Cool, i was wondering if anyone played in Adelaide.
I’m curious, so will endeavour to make it on Sunday to spectate/suss out the vibe with a view to participating in the future.

swung past but nobody home?.. guess it was off due to rain?

got there round 2.25

Yeah the rain scared me off as well.
Took the MTB for a muddy trail ride instaed.

Well we did turn up but decided to move undercover at the Just Kidding car park on Franklin Street. I chalked our intentions on the concrete near the barrier of the Gawler carpark for people to follow. We must have left at about 2:20 after waiting for a while.

The three of us played all on all for about an hour before leaving.

Oh well…

How do you guys feel about weeknight games in winter or do weekend days suit better?


hi guys, there’s a tournament coming up soon in Melbourne, interstate guys welcome to billet with us, if you don’t mind couches … check out for more info … :lol:

(although still working on a venue…)

Sundays are cool for me, keep us posted as to the next one

Might be worth posting as well

Im keen to have a look. I will drop in probably next Sunday, if its still on.

Yep, watch this space.
Usually we play just the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month but due to the Melbourne Tournament we may have a practice-and-games day this Sunday as well.

If you send an email to bikepolo.adelaide{at} I can put you on the mailing list so you can be notified of upcoming games.

Adelaide Bicycle Polo Club

There will be no polo played this Sunday.

Our next game will be on the 7th of June.

Adelaide Bicycle Polo Club