Introducing Rose-Kitty Jane Armstrong

1 week and 1 day old today!!
Surprised mum and dad by coming early.
Everyone is healthy now, but tired.

Hats off to Linda and how beautiful she is.
Gabriel is pretty stocked to have a little sister now too.

After keeping us awake 90% of the night I thought I’d see if her skin would burn from the cross.
All good though.

Congrats again Azz.

Nice work mate.

Congrats Buddy! Happy for you!

way to go dude - congrats

You rock, Azz.

new child day beats new bike day, congrates to you and your family

Well done you people!!! Congratulations for a safe and happy touchdown!

Bewdy…nice work both. She looks like she’s already busy hatching plans for world domination :wink:

Very cool Azz, congrats

He shoots … he scores !!!

Well done to all of you :wink:

So Keith better start getting into making strider bikes, apparently that’s where the market’s going…


congratulations to you both.

I will order one for sure.


^You got a pup on the way?

Notice the cap she’s wearing?