inverse/reverse brake levers... personal experiences??

been thinking of getting moustache bars… as those that have come across a few few posts of mine would be well aware of… sorry for hoounding you folks with so many questions related to them :? what I am now up to is deciding what brakes to add…

hooded aeros set just on the inside bend of the front facing curve… the most typical position on 'taches


inverse/reverse bar-end brakes

now I have experience using the aero style… not on ‘tache bars tho’… but no experience of the inverse/reverse bar-end brakes so was hoping to get some feedback about their use/comfort/styling/models from anyone who has used them and not necessarly only on 'taches… any bar that one could use them on is OK for the purpose of this topic

Hey mate,
I’m going to suggest something else because I don’t like the look of hoods in any position other than where they were designed for - and bar end levers don’t float my boat either.

What I really don’t get is that the levers are always set up flat, like above - yet your fingers point down - which means you have to twist your wrist right back and stretch your fingers out to grab the brake. Any MTB rider knows to have the levers down, at least at 45deg. Anyway…

My GF runs bars similar to moustache bars and she has these BMX style levers. I can’t remeber how much they were, but I do remember being suprised at how cheap they were, and I think they included cable and housing. The similar shimano levers weren’t as good, and had no cables.

they are pretty much just fancy looking TT levers. I have bullhorns on my fixed at the moment with one of these levers on the end. Works fine.

I really like the style of the inverse levers, they give the bike a more traditional look. That being said, I would be a bit concerned that they would get caught on a cars side mirror or something similar due to the angle direction they would be facing. Probably not a huge deal as long as your mindful of it.

Also, Velo Orange seem to have a nice selection of inverse levers and grips to match.

that is what I guess I am after is a traditional look since it is an old skool road conversion… most probably cream (or maybe black) frame with black and silver components… black Brooks B17 Special, black leather stitched bars… all metal components silver…

if I went for the inverse levers and possibly the Tektro ones should I go for all silver or the black and silver ones?? decisions decisions (if I went with the aero levers the hoods would have to be black)

in terms of a traditional style, are the inverse levers actually the first ones used for the moustache type of bars?

the inverse levers should not get caught in car mirrors and the like as they are typically set directly under the bars rather than to the side and if you are then so close to catch a mirror then you are TOO close in the first place surely

one of the only drawbacks of going with the inverse levers is the effective loss of one the hand positions available which is the one when the palms rest on the bars and the hoods… similar to when riding the hoods on drops

but the inverse levers do have a charm about them… I guess since they are not too expensive relative to the whole build I may have to try out both styles of levers without wrapping the bars for a while to see which I prefer

i remember reading somewhere that riding on the hoods was the main riding position for moustache bars

edit: The Moustache Handlebar

came across that link too after my initial post… not a bad article on the 'taches…

read elsewhere some guy going on about them causing some cramping or whatever in the base of the palm and went on about other stuff that did not seem to make a lot of sense really considering the physics/geometry of the hand positions and the shape of the bars… will see if I can did up the article again