Iphone 4 or 4S advice...

I figure there’s a fair few people on here that know alot more about technology than myself so I’d get some opinions.

My phone contract is almost up and the phone I originally took out bit the dust a while ago so I’m currently using a Sony one from 2004.

I’m going with an Iphone pretty much because everyone I know has one and that way if anything goes wrong I’ll know at least one person who can sort it out.

All I need to know is for someone who’s just going to use an iphone for youtube, facebook and calls is there any real reason for me to buy an Iphone 4S and pay an extra $20 per month or just get a standard Iphone 4?

What even is the difference between the two?

Any advice would be great.

without going into the tech of it-just go for the 4 and save your monies.

I would go the 4s because it is the latest tech. It’s only an extra 20 per month. That’s 1 half decent 6-pack really.

4s has a newer, better updated chipset, and will run ios5 better than any iPhone 4 will.

That’s my opinion.

Still haven’t updated my i4 to iOS 5 yet and don’t really want to. If it was like when I updated my 3G to iOS 4 then fuck that lol

All I remember is everyone complaining that the 4s was fuck all difference to the 4. So as greenmachine says, I’d save the cash.

if needing to have latest and greatest ain’t your thang, 4 will be sufficient.
3 to 3S little step
3S to 4 big step
4 to 4S little step

galaxy s2, then wait til 5 comes out. lol. but by that time you prob wouldnt go back to apple.

If stuff like technology doesn’t matter to you then get the 4. But shop around for the best deal… a lot of contracts will now include free access to facebook/twitter.

So what is different?

  • Dual core Apple A5 processor
  • 8 megapixel AF w/flash and f2.4 aperture
  • Films at 30fps/1080p
  • Better GPS
  • Slightly better battery
  • Slightly heavier
  • Siri personal assistant which from playing with so far is pretty damn cool

I don’t have the 4S, the wife got one on the weekend. I have the original iphone… so playing with the Iphone 3 compared to the 4S, the step up is crazy big.

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galaxy s2. or galaxy nexus is out soon and looks pretty nice.

I’m Like Ezylee im still on iphone 3, until my wife (4) gets a new one then i get the handme down.

Used to have a blackberry no going back now.

I like the Fixed.org.au Nexus.

got my eye on the Nokia N9, im just a nokia fanboy and will not bow down to apple! (phones anyway)

I had a Nokia n97 mini.

The worst phone I have ever, ever had. It broke 3 times in 6 months.

Managed to get out of my contract and get an iPhone 4.

+1 my 3G was totally pooched by upgrading to iOS4.
If you don’t run heaps of apps 4 is fine. If you don’t use you computer much and live on your phone get the 4s.

iOS 5 on the 4 is great, well worth the hour and a half it takes to update.

If you think you’ll use the camera for stills and video (and it’s well worth considering) – I’d go for the 4s, better lenses, more pixels etc.

Also I’ve updated my 3Gs to iOS 5.0 - all good except the battery doesn’t seem to last as long and some things are a bit slow, but not much slower than iOS 4.

I’m waiting for the iPhone 5 before upgrading.

iPhone? Pfffft…

For instant fakenger street cred, get a walkie talkie!

I had the N91 (flippy out camera/editing one) a while back, literally 3 months after I signed up they updated it… it was fairly good, the built in editing suite was actually pretty good and produced solid results, but I find Nokias have a very limited lifespan.

Mine would freeze constantly, the screen came off, and and yeah, it just generally sucked.

I was so anti-iphones, but as soon as I got mine, I dig em.

y’know who loves apple and all their products? ian_humanXx. i’d love to hear his opinion on all of the above…