iphone/trojan help!

Hi friends,
About an hour ago I received what I thought was a an email from a friend saying he had left me a whatsapp message. I don’t have whatsapp but i clicked the link and it asked me for my password and I (stupidly) thinking my connection had dropped out, signed in. Then I got a bunch of dodgy virusy emails which I quickly deleted, and then I changed my gmail password. No messages since.

My question is this. Googling doesn’t give me much, but there seems to be a scam going about via fake whatsapp messages that installed banking detail trojan stuff that waits until you log into do your banking. Essentially - how can I tell if my iPhone is infected? Will a restore to factory setting solve this? Will connecting it to my computer to charge infect the computer? I’m a bit lost atm.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Change your passwords now and stop going on cam girl sites


I got sent that message from you!
I don’t know much about iphones but it’s probably just generic email phishing hack. Just make sure you change all your forgot password questions, and maybe enable device authentication.

I also got the message from james, but it never asked me for any passwords, even when I clicked the “play now” button…

lesson - ignore all messages from james.

I don’t know about iPhones specifically, but you’ll never be able to know definitively if you’ve cleaned it up.

The only sure way is to reset the phone to factory defaults/reflash with the firmware. I don’t do iPhones so I’m not sure what your options are there.

Plug it in to your PC and restore/set up as new iPhone.

Or in this case, plug it into somebody else’s PC and restore/set up as new iPhone…

Ok thanks all. Also sorry if you received a spammy email from me.

I’d be changing your important passwords as well (but not via your phone).

This is a good thing to have. Go to https://myaccount.google.com (or click your profile picture, then click account) scroll down to 2-step verification. When this is enabled Google will send you a text message with a code when signing into your account from a new device. So effectively if they steal your password they can’t get into without the 2nd step - verification code.

Edit: I don’t think your iPhone would be infected by the sounds of it. Looks like a phishing attack to steal your password. Restoring from a backup in iTunes wouldn’t hurt though.

never click the link!

(I was also a recipient. Then I got a spam tweet from Duggan)

I’ve been getting a few about cheap raybans, but I assumed that was just advertising.
I just delete them all anyways.

Also seem to get a lot of messages on instagram, different usernames but always the same pics asking me to check my direct messages. Never any mention of diamond mines or easy online diplomas though.

all good advice thanks mates. I changed my iCloud password and such just in case

I was hoping james was drunk again & excited about a new app.

yeh it was a moment of pure carelessness on my behalf…like “why is this person sending me X?” I know, I know…dumb as rocks.

Also heads up I just got a scam from nsw gov about a speeding fine outstanding these are a new scam over night

Yeah I always get the Rayban email.

How fast were they alleging you were going on your bike?