Ipswich CX

Just a reminder to everyone in Brisbane that the one and only cross race this year is in 6 weeks.

We aren’t lucky enough to be living somewhere where cyclists know that cross is rad, so get your shit together and get out to Ipswich.

I will be there in a pink jersey falling over.

Details are here.

If this one gets cancelled I am moving cities.

I will pass the word around on another forum. Hopefully this one happens.

Hi guys,

The Ipswich Cycling Club are proud to present the second annual CX race - bigger and better!
Want a bit of a change from the monotony of the criterium? Like the idea of a race that’s HARDER than road or track? Look forward to being cheered on by a raucous crowd full of beer and cowbells? Well, what are you waiting for?

The course will be similar to last year, but rejigged in a few places to improve racing for riders AND spectators.
Any bike is welcome, as long as it has brakes. Road bikes encouraged. MTB’s will do just fine. Got a CX bike ? Even better.

Cash prizes, sponsored by Exact Radiology. Trek Utopia from Yellow Jersey up for grabs too - maybe for best costume, maybe for stupidest bike, maybe for…well, wait and see.
Beer and frites for sale, along with other food and beverages. Plentiful cow bells on sale too. Or bring your own noise-maker.

Jim Finimore Park, Ipswich. Saturday July 16th. $12 - bargain.
Download the manual entry for and post or fax to CQ.

Mob 0413996529

Love that you mentioned the Brakes… Does this have anything to do with the winner of a bike week CX race at Davies park??

Does anyone know where i can get a CX bike to perhaps borrow for this? I am damn keen to race it.

The Frezza will be going…

Should proabably get new Bars for the Yeti…

15th of July - Keg party at my brothers place in Melb.
16th of July - Ipswich CX.
17th of July - DDCX Round #2

sounds like it could be a fun weekend…

mmmm wouldn’t mind riding out for a look see again like last year - smashing those $3 beers made the ride home far more pleasurable than the trip out

As the photos from DDCX down here will attest, there is a lot of fun in turning up for a CX race. There are some down here that have taken heckling to new levels.

But bring noisemakers of some form! its just bumps the atmosphere up when you hear a bugle/cowbell/kazoo honking you forward and distracts you from your cross-eyed state.

Ipswich CX update.

Hi cyclocrossers,

Preparations for the big day are going well. The prize mix is getting richer, with trophies for winners in each category, cash prizes for 1st - 3rd place, vouchers for the Yamanto Tavern, and cycling kits to give away. And don’t forget the bike - a Trek Utopia “mystery category” prize for one lucky entrant.

The Yamanto Tavern have come on board as sponsors, and we’ll have more than just inexpensive Stella Artois available at the bar. There’ll be Grolsch and Heineken too, and to complete the Benelux feel we’ll have Frites mit mayo again (hot chips and sauce for you aussies). BBQ too.

The Yellow Jersey guys will be there with their coffee machine and there may even be bagpipes. Because nothing says Belgium like bagpipes.

Entries close Thurs 14th July.

Scott K.

Can’t wait!

Sent my entry off the other night.

Last years race was a hoot. But this year we have a better course, better beer (Stella, Grolsch, Heineiken), better food, bagpipes and a professional race caller. And prizes to boot.

Cow bells on sale, or bring your own noise-maker - lagerphones, vuvuzelas, whistles, and what-not…

Entries close thursday. Or enter on the day, but it costs more.

Scott K.

Excellent news.

Rain predicted for late Friday!

Let there be mud.

A fantastic day. A group of us went out to support a mate who was racing. Happily surprised to see cheap cow bells for sale upon arrival.
Even happier to see the price of the beer ($3.00). They even had mayo for the Frittes.
Caught up with Antmandan (in Gear kit) and met El Brado.
The course looked tough and challenging.
A great day spectating and a very well organised event. The brief showers only added to the atmosphere.

Dan, if you want to send me your email address, Mikey will forward the full res version of your pic.

Damn fun day! The creek crossing was so much fun.

I have to work on my dismount technique… and general fitness.

Thanks to the organisers for putting on a great all round event.

I see there Dan that you’ve chosen the middle of the creek crossing - and the deepest mud - to put your foot into.

Yeah great day - Look I was winning for about 200m.