IRD defiant track crank

For those who wants new cranks with the look of the Campy Strada and Sugino Mighty cranks of the 1970’s

Is there an australian distributor for them?

from here: Bicycle Revolutions: Defiant Track Crank $160USD

Not too bad…

There was a pair for sale at the recent sneaker freaker swap meet, unsure if privately imported though.

Seems kinda pricey for a replica

However they are JIS, meaning you could get a more commonly available bottom bracket. (possibly even cheaper, too)

…and just because they are an aesthetic replica doesn’t necessarily mean they are of poorer quality, I’m sure the alloy and manufacturing techniques used would justify the price tag. (then again, this is only a guess, not a gospel truth, nor do i claim it to be, and there is definitely an element of quality to vintage parts, though there is often also a risk of unforeseen failure).

Who wants to do a group buy?

I’d say yes, but no.

are you organising? where are you getting them from?

I think you can get them from scv imports try your lbs for a price

SCV Imports - IRD - National bike supplier of bicycles, performance cycling products, cycling clothing, cycling accessories.

heard back from the guys at SCV and atm its no word on arrival or RRP