Iron Horse (Blame it on 63xc)

Thought I’d poke this in here, but if it’s more appropriate that it go in CX/MTB then feel free to relocate it Mod squad.

Always fascinated by the 63xc site,and(half heartedly) having a MTB (fixed) on the wish list always see’s me scanning for something suitable.Recently spotted a bike with an interesting looking frame on a Police auction of recovered and unclaimed bikes. Showed it to a mate whos said it looked like an Ironhorse frame. Subsequent research on the net and I discovered that in the early noughties this american brand produced a range of MTB’s with an a frame design.

It was in a sorry looking state when i got it,as it had been brush painted badly with enamel and a matte finish house paint.I still didn’t know what model it was, but it seemed to be in overall good knick otherwise.
spec was pretty good with 9speed deore formula hubs and an entry level manitou shock up front.
Original plan was to blast and paint, but a bit of light work with sandpaper to try and reveal what model it was(01 Marauder) saw me keep going and clean 99% of the bodgy paint job off.The more I did the more I liked the scruffy lived in patina the sand back was giving me with the leftover spots around dropouts and braze ons.
Purchased a velo solo sprocket, Kalloy post to replace the awful suspension one, and some new grips. Clear coated the frame to freshen it up and protect the thin spots.

Knocked it together last night before TDF started and went for a fang around the block…Awesome fun.
Turbo Super saddle from the parts bin fits the build well.
Used a shitty ol chain until the Kool chain arrives in the mail, and some shitty ol parts bin pedals. Will most likely get some platforms with strap on type foot retention next.
Set up with slicks for street use until I’m comfy on it and then I can swap to something chunky and go single tracking around my area.

Reynolds 520 tubes too.

nice seat!

bolt on cog is cool

Man, this looks like super fun!

it is

retarded but cool

fixed off road is fun :slight_smile:

Did you slide the axle across, or just run with whatever chainline the bolt on cog gave you?

Front chain ring is moved to inside of existing cranks, and rear sprocket is hard up against hub at the moment which seems fine. If anything it could do with maybe 2mm adjustment outward. I will use M5 washers as per the velo solo site. They also do spacers to suit.


or these

How do you adjust the chain tension?

Luckily this has magic geared for me, but not sure if it will be the same when the Kool chain arrives. Being Cro Mo means I can take to the drop outs judiciously with the dremel if needed.

BIKeSA : Enews 28 July 2011

do eeet

Aww man, that looks like fun. I’m doing 24hr pedal prix at MB the w/end before that, so a leave pass for 2 in row is highly unlikely.

See the ol girl is up for grabs again
Ironhorse Marauder 2001 Fixed MTB | eBay