Ironman fixi3

While trying to find what a yellow Madison would look like with silver rims I found this Madison that had been used for the Hawaiian ironman tri! Pretty cool to see the same bike as I have being used instead of a carbon framed multi gear bike.

that entire concept seems pretty counter productive.
heavy steel fixie for a triathlon with a super light weight front wheel that would’ve cost more than the whole bike.

Aero is typically more important than weight for time trialling.

I say good on him!

I also like how he has hiptered it with no bar tape :wink:

You’ve got it a bit wrong. The Zipp 1080s are not light wheels, they’re aero wheels. The wheelset is 1699 g which isn’t particularly light.
BTW I weighed my frame and it is a heavy one, but it’s still only 2.54 kg and 1.06 kg for the fork. Do you really think that matters much when you plonk a body on it? You could save 2 kg with a light carbon frame and fork. Meh.

The 1080 certainly costs more than the Madison though.

well the dude is quite obviously insane…

Wow, that is an awesome effort.

That is 100% insanity. The Kona headwind on the return loop tests the best Tri riders in the world, let alone on fixie! Hats off and respect!

That is mega.

I appreciate such monster efforts made in the name of doing something odd.

Bike looks hilarious too

full iron man ride is 180kms…

that is one crazy mo-fo…

Sorry, a little off topic, I only saw this the other day.

This is doing an ironman tough.

^ thanks for making me cry :cry:

Yeah, sorrry. I should have warned people about that.