Is Bianchi pista worth $500?

Hi all,

There is a guy selling Bianchi Pista frame and fork on ebay for $499.

Opinions? Thoughts?

I don’t need an amazing frame just something worth riding. Trying to find a second hand 59cm track frame in my budget is pretty hard!

Not really sure, but just to let you know torpedo7 have the whole thing on sale for $789:

yeah but thats on the nz website for torpedo 7, it doesnt show up on the aus website, so im not sure if you can get them or how much postage is.

Does anyone know? because thats a good deal

I’ve got a Bianchi Hipsta and I love it. That is a good deal as far as I’m concerned as the only bits worth keeping from the stocky is the frame and forks. Do it.

pretty sure that frame’s been up on ebay a number of times.

The frame on ebay is actually a smaller one, but I emailed the seller and he reckons he can get a 59cm for me… Where would he be getting these from? Buying them from the states?

Woah and that’s NZ dollars.

What about this one

Yeah, I saw that one too. Way to small unfortunately! I will be interested to see what it goes for though.

yeah im watching it and thinking of putting it together myself
whats the possibility of getting it put together for under $800 with everything
do you reckon is worth it?

I reckon $500 for a Bianchi Pista frame and fork is about double-too-much.

wow, that took 10 posts b4 someone shat on the pista!

Sorry, i was away from the computer for a sec.

Ha ha ha ha… I thought I might get that reaction here. I think you’re right though. Might hang out for somthing second hand.

I second spud… you can find a complete track bike for less than $500 or at least a legit track frame… although not brand new you can bet it would be better quality than the “pista” … its not that hard …just start searching…

this guy is selling a pista for 500,

worth it…

is 59cm too big for 6"2? Considering seat post etc…

Wow, could he have made that thing look any uglier! You could buy this and sell the parts on ebay, you would make most of you money back again. :evil:

Yimmy, I am looking for a 59cm (c-c) frame and I am about 6’1 so I don’t think that this frame will be to big for you. But Im no expert, happy to be corrected…

Just to prove my point…

Sell the wheels for $300 and you’ve got yourself a bianchi pista frame for $200. As much as I decided I didn’t want a pista I must admit I’m tempted…

but its in WA, too hard to post, and not worth the effort