is he for real?

17t cog

i assume so, this cog is NJS.

JKA Foundation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

basically it means you can use it in a professional japanese keirin race, this stuff has become highly desirable recently (you may have seen the $3,500 NJS bike earlier).

good price for a genuine NJS approved cog.

yeah, dude, i know… just seems a little high in comparison to other NOS NJS products on the bay, thats all

The dude is farkin dreaming. Cogs a cog.


congratulations. you too have been sarchasmed by alexb618.

He’s been claiming a lot of scalps recently!

its so easy these days that its not even fun any more

Nothing like a Wikipedia link for instant credibility.

very true

Sarcasm - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In an increasingly technological world, the use of sarcasm in email, text messaging, message boards and blogs has often been misunderstood as ignorance or stupidity: comments meant to be sarcastic have been taken literally or seriously.

Aahh Rolly. Close but not quite.