Is it back?

OR did I just slip into a rift in the space-time continuum.

either is plausible in the context of the shit day I’ve had

I have a question

what does the “one star” mean in peoples profile do-hicky?

I figuered out what “trading access” means, cos im a smart guy

but how do i get “ten star” and become a “dungeon master”

You have to put on your robe and wizard hat.

Both Check, What now?

‘Trading Access’ has really put a dampener on our witty slogans…

Nah you just have to get creative :wink:

Oh yeah, I get it…

i dont get it…


P!N20’s text now says “Trading Access is not a crime”


I like it.

i dont get it…

I am also a little lost. :roll:

i get it now!

edit: rooster’s now reads: trading access is the new aerospoke hahahah

edit edit: god damn it rooster, change it back!


Done and done. :slight_smile:

that cracks me up !!!


that’ll be five dollars.

but I wasn’t the first :stuck_out_tongue:


Where’s the pizza?