Is it cool to be banned?

Just wondering cause I’m not cool and I’m looking to up my scene points?

I reckon you’re pretty cool!

i reckon that new bike of yours is worth a few points…

Thanks guys. But I really want to overtake Aquaman as “No.1 hipster cunt” :smiley:

you got the ‘cunt’ bit down… :evil:

Is there anything i can do to get the rest of the package :? The cunt bit was easy.

Hurry up Gypo race starts in 2hrs.

you could always take a few lessons from gabriel ;):roll:

I can’t, he’s gone now :cry: Does anyone have his number :? Eric :?

hmm, i simply assumed they were one and the same??

No it’s not cool to be banned

A+ bump.

Your bike needs more colors and maybe a potato or 3

no kenny ur doin it wrong,

for MAXIMUM hipster points, everyone knows its a HED 3 on front and potato out back :sunglasses:

Can I ask another stupid question (I’ve asked a few before ;))?
Why are they called potatoes?

What, like this?

I’m assuming Colby from Macaframa is in the running for No.1!

that bike is long since gone… unless you mean his new HUFNAGEL. which is amazing!

i’d almost dare you to call him a hipster to his face… dude is as gruff as he looks in real life.

Nah, I’ll be okay…

Although I did think it was funny that the rear Aerospoke / front Hed 3 combo was called Hipster and I knew that I’d seen it somewhere before…!

someone else care to share that one?? i was away when it happend, so i probs wont tell the story correctly…

I think it’s just one of those random word things. It came about at a time when almost every post had a mention of the aerospoke. So in an atempt to stop the enslaught one of the mods made it so when you posted the word aerospoke it was auto changed to potato. Thus much hilarity ensued.

^ thanks :smiley: