Is it cool to be banned?

The mod squad had

a e rospo ke

autoreplacing with

“I’m a potato”

which has gradually been contracted to


Rumour has it that ‘B43’ -> ‘pancake’ is coming soon!

hahaha, yeh i got the whole, “im a potato” thing, just wasnt sure WHO exactly caused it…

and wots the go with the B43, ross seems to be the only one bagging them out, despite myself and goose being the only ones who have ridden/ride them?

Don’t be so sure :slight_smile:

I reckon they are good for what they are meant to be!

indeed they are! I thought my hubs built up to deep v’s felt stiff, these wheels feel amazing! and like iv said, i cant even notice the extra weight.

He bags out everything.

his house is aint glass, it’s crystal

and he throws a lot of stones.