Is it just me...

…or do drivers seem to be quite relaxed lately? I’ve been doing a lot more k’s in the last few weeks than what I have all year and reckon most drivers are being ‘not-so-asshole’ish’.


less idiot cyclists around because it’s cold

motorist are C*@ts

i’ve been spending a bit of time carting stuff around in my car. Driving sucks. It’s been like 9 months since I’ve done it more than once every month or two. I forgot how crap it was. Motorists are crazy! they just do all sorts of unexpected shit. everyone is in such a hurry to get the the next redlight. I don’t know how people do it everyday. I paid $72 to fill the tank yesterday! that’s outrageous. I don’t understand why people still insist on driving everywhere?! fools, the lot of em

it’s just you. there’s still an ample supply of dickbags driving about the place.

That’s what I can’t come to terms with. They’re all in such a hurry to get nowhere.

The hot weather get’s them all riled up!

Last night on the way home, I was thinking there seems to be more cars around. I’ve been finding it harder to get across some of the main roads recently. I reckon all the good weather commuters are back in their cars until spring.

Looks like it’s just me then. Oh well, I can only hope that the bubble doesn’t burst too soon.