is it time for a new chain?

Well i did have a search through the old posts and didn’t really find my answer.

I got a new frame a month or so ago now and when I put the old chain on i put it on the wrong way by accident… Was told of this once another fellow on these forums pointed it out (thanks for that)
I have found that it is gaining more slack after a week or less of riding a lot since then, i keep tightening it (not too much, but enough) and then i find a week later whilst riding there is too much play.

Does this typically mean that its time for a new one? The current one is just a basic KMC chain

KMC Kool chains do ‘look’ like they have a right and wrong way of being installed but I don’t think it makes a difference to its operation. The only reason your chain is going slack is because your wheel is slipping… you haven’t stretched the chain. If the wheel is slipping even when done up really tight, try a chain tensioner, readily available on line and at BMX shops.

the kinston valves are probably clogged, flush them out with some brackish water.

it could be a slipping wheel.

How old was the ‘old’ chain? 50klms? 5,000klms?

Not sure if this has been suggested yet, but I think it could be a slipping wheel issue.

I’m going to say from experience that I reckon your wheel is moving forwards and therefore the chain is getting loose.
You should tighten those nuts up tighter.

I have a chain tensioner I give send you if you’d like it

Lol, but maybe his wheel is slipping?

thanks for the help guys… the chain isnt that old… its maybe 6 months or a bit more old and i ride everyday…

mmm thanks for the offer on the chain tensioner… maybe if i just make sure the nuts are really tight it will be okay? How come
it would slip when its a track frame? Is it more the wheels problem? (its a stars wheelset)

not as keen to use a chain tensioner as it will take away from the current look (not to sound like a complete hipster ha ha)

elbow grease.

Holy crap, a chain tensioner will ruin the look of your bike? I think you are confusing a SS chain tensioner with track chain tensioners, a.k.a axle or chain tugs.

Stars wheelsets are not a good start. Could be the problem. And yes, an axle will slip forward, even in a track frame (unless the axle is hard against the end of the track ends).

because skidding/slowing with feet puts a lot of pressure on the rear hub. if those nuts aren’t done up tight enough the hub will gradually pull forward. without knowing the quality of the locknut on the hub it’s hard to say if it has anything to do with the wheels. and yes, those nuts need to be done up tiiigghht!

you’ll generally only notice a chain tensioner if you look closely. and if anyone looks closely they’re gonna notice the shitty wheelset before the chain tensioner (not trying to be rude, just sayin’…)

oh i now realize what type you mean, i thought you were referring to the SS style one… but maybe a track tensioner would be a good way to go.

I plan to upgrade my wheelset, but still looking for the right set at the right price… not so easy ha ha

yeah, something like this:

not this:

one word : Velocity

If you’ve had your frame recently painted and you felt game you can clear/scrap the paint from the area on the frame where the nuts of the wheel sit and this will help with grip or otherwise pm me your address and I’ll send you one (chain tensioner) for free. Cost me about $30.
I reckon from your experience level (absolutely no disrespect) though you might want to get your LBS to put it on…it’ll take them 5 minutes

thanks Azz, i appreciate it! just sent you a PM. I do have more experience than you might assume… the more difficult jobs i can do, just the smaller nitty gritty things I’m still learning :stuck_out_tongue:

I think when people say chain tensioner they mean a chain tug, which is a pretty minor addition to a bike.

Just go nuts on your nuts.

btw chains dont stretch. common misconception

Cough Bullshit.