Is it time to open up posting on the Facebook page?


Sure. If Rolly can remember the password.

What do you mean open it up?

Is it like opening up ‘the pit’?



Wait, powdah, is that really you?

FB kills forums, it’s a slightly different demographic here but I’ve seen a few other forums dwindle because of it.

Yes, if the question was about opening up forum like capability on the FB page, it isn’t going to happen.

thats what instagram is for

  • facebook is shit.

How is @FOA twitter going?

Could use some love.

FOA (@fixedorgau) • Instagram photos and videos is being worked on though

wow, well there you go… seems I’m the lucky 13th follower WOOT!

aaaaand now I’m the 14th

Keep FOA activity off the Facebook page.
There is enough cycling pages full of crap for everyone else to look at. This forum is a great resource and has enough ‘locals’ to keep it going.

Should be an FoA Myspace page…

I thought JLN was voted as chief Tweeter with his witty comments?

No. It is not me. I am an imposter.

where’ve you been?!

Facebook? Nope.