Is my shifter toast?

My right-side Veloce (powershift) shifter is jumping/slipping gears on the downshift (releasing wire tension), sometimes jumping the whole cassette. It upshifts (increasing wire tension) fine. My thinking is that the ratchet is giving up? I gave it a fairly good spray with some lube to try to flush out any gunk in there with no luck. But it’s fairly clean and it’s done max 2000km. I haven’t had a good look at it, but my thinking is I’m not going to have much luck taking it apart.

Thoughts? Is it toast? I bought it off Ribble so I’m not holding out much hope for a good warranty claim.

G spring maybe shot, and the mech is overpowering the shifter.

how good is toast!

oh, sorry, wrong thread…

Agh, this thread’s now toast for sure.
Thanks MikeD for getting in some useful advice in before the puns begin.

haha sorry.

I have an 11sp powershift module in a broken leverbody if you want it to transplant.

If it’s transplantable and will fix the issue then yes, thanks.

If its less than the warranty period they should replace it. But i guess the issue is Veloce components are probably only 1yr warranty right? Campagnolo passion

My shitty veloce did the same thing, but at least had the decency to last 10000 kms.

I have two shifters like this; a Veloce and a Centaur. Both only shift one gear down at a time (my other Campag shifters shift multiple). From my research, I think MikeD is right. Disassembly looks fiddly, but not that difficult (youtube). I plan on pulling one apart and if it has a G spring, I’ll get a replacement and reassemble.


they won’t have g springs, powershift uses a different mechanism which is unfortunately badly made of cheese, and rather difficult to reassemble, (even if you could find replacement internals (which would likely shit themselves shortly after)).

^ well diddy, you’re still welcome to take my functioning PS guts and try! (or bribe asher to try)

Hey thanks Asher, I was looking for a pic like that. I’ll disassemble anyway and see what I can find.

11sp internals would need 11sp RD and cassette right?

I found my receipt and it turns out Campy has an international online sale policy that you can seek warranty issues with a local official service centre:

I’ll try that first - my receipt says it was purchased Sept 2014, so should be good.

The lesson here is listen to asher regarding campy.