is this a stupid good deal??

or does it seem dodgy?

ignore the us postal only thing, i go a friend who can help me out there
ZIPP 900 Disc Carbon tubular REAR TRACK bike wheel | eBay

I don’t rate Zipps, and i reckon it ain’t worth it.

Its not that good a deal, zipp 900’s and 1150’s sell locally for 300-500 every now and then, with much cheaper postage…

I like my zipp 950 but +1 on what Coffee said. If you look around locally you will pay less, i paid $450 for mine.

Shit… chuck it straight in your undies.

Reynolds Stratus DV Carbon Fiber Aero Track Rear Wheel | eBay

says track but has cassete, hrmmm

Keep an eye on this. Disk Wheel - Time trial / Track / Road / Fixie / Carbon - eBay Mobile (item 270734143984 21/04/2011 10:52:57 AM)

Thats My Wheel go nuts… Its genuinly a good wheel, im just a lazy cvnt