Is this better?


Finally tracked down a 1 1/8" Columbus MAX fork crown (chris bishop actually had one). It’s stainless, so I plan on polishing it up to match the stainless CK headset. Ian gave it some nice coloring with his torch, while I try to figure out when / how to paint it.

I know you guys HATED it with the unicrown. Maybe this is better?

Looks good, the 1 1/8" MAX crowns aren’t too hard to come by, I have a few in a box in my workshop

Jaw just dropped and hit the desk. First time I’ve seen this bike. Looks amazing.

Oh, this again. Prepare for the oncoming shitstorm :-/

Why not a sweet crabon frok?

Looks good!

Significantly euuuuughhhhh

MTB pedals = FAIL

new stem didnt make me spew… vast improvement

good fixie

Looking good mate, why not take some photos with a simpler background (like a white wall) to bring out the details.

Would be better with a unicrown and a FB stem… MAX is todally WACK.

Serious tho’, you gonna paint that fork? Looks unloved.

Much better, but the bars are pretty average in looks but hey if they fit.

Liked it before but Like it more now…

Sweet fixie, bro.

But in all seriousness, why’d you get new forks?

The views of the forum have been eating away at him for a number of months and one night he woke up screaming “MUST FIX THIS UGLY FORK!!”
He rolled over to expect to see his babe there ready to set his turbulant mind straight, but she was once again in Australia and he let out a sigh of defeat, “those fucking Australians, they are always right”

I think you’ve nailed it, 'moccos.

I always wanted a 1 1/8" MAX crown but we couldn’t find one. The idea of this bike was to build it with a longer rake at first, for if I wanted to take it out on road rides, etc and then make a proper track fork down the road, if we ever found a crown.

Personally, I like the “track” version but the “road” version was a completely different ride. I’m keeping the old bar / stem and fork for when I feel like switching it up again.

It’s nice to have options.

Also, RE: MTB pedals. Time ATACs are the only MTB pedals I’d ride on a track bike / fixed gear for street use. You can lock them all the way down and you’re not unclipping. I have Shimano 105’s for when I decide to race again but for riding on the street, I’d prefer to walk around in my Giro MTB shoes, than my road shoes.

What HLC said, even though I liked the last setup anyway. I hope you didnt change the forks because of the clowns on this forum hating on your Icarus dick stem, Mr. Watson. Last thing you want to do is take fashion advice from a pack of Australian kents, we are like 3 years behind the rest of the world don’t ya know!?