Is this buyer who bought my item legit?

I just sold my old DA groupset on ebay and the buyer who bought it is a member from Hong Kong. Now I’ve had dodgy ebay members buy stuff before and then they usually say they’ll Western Union or similar. But this member has Paypal’ed me the proper amount so it seems legit so far.

It’s just that the shipping address they have requested is different from their ebay details. Shipping is to Yantai, China. The ebay member is ‘lalalove2008’ and they have 100% feedback, and their account has been opened for a few years. When I look at the purchase history their is only 1 cycling item I could find, an old MASI frame acually, the rest old Polaroid stuff.

What do you think? Obviously the buyer hasn’t done anything wrong so far, but on the surface it just looks dodgy


beat me to it.

Doesn’t paypal offer seller protection if you ship to a paypal registered address?

Get them to update their address in paypal. Job done.

Thanks for the tip Blakey. I am just concerned about stories about sellers who post something international, then the buyer makes a non-receipt claim and Paypal will always favour the buyer. Paypal can’t take my money can they?
The fact the buyer has little if any history of cycling purchases just makes me suspicious.

So do the address thing, insist on a tracked postage method, keep all your receipts. No dramas.

Get them to update their details or you wont post it. If they’re legit they should. Otherwise cancel it and re-list. It’s not worth the stress.

Looks like the buyer has updated their details. The Paypal ‘ship to’ address is the China one so just post it then?


also, whichever postage method you choose, make sure it provides a receipt with the full address you have sent to, so you can prove to paypal you sent to the address. i got burnt by paypal by only getting registered mail, but not getting a receipt with the address.

yea, get on it.

paypal/ebay can be a drag for updating addresses. mine kept on defaulting back to a brisbane address.

Okay some lucky homey in China is getting a sweet Dura Ace 7400 groupset.

^ so so so nice.

+1, mint as fukk.

sad day indeed

I bought it from the US, so I guess it’s only natural it’s continuing it’s journey

i sold my old titus mtb to a guy in israel, and a mates sworks to a bloke in belarus - both times i was very nervous but everything was ok. as long as you send with the correct paypal approved methods you will be fine.

Thanks for the vote of confidence alex. That’s exactly what I was thinking.
So basically I need to send it via Registered Auspost so that it provides tracking. My understanding from reading the Paypal seller protection thing is you need to have tracking, is that right?

i havent looked for a while but i think they have a list of approved & tracked services on their website