Is this deal any good?


I’ve found a set of track wheels for $200 at the LBS. They’re Zeus track hubs laced to Mavic MA rims. I’m having trouble finding info about them. They’re fairly old but in nice condition, and the original price was $320 for the set.

Worth grabbing?


Sounds like a pretty good if they’re new.

Zeus is a Spanish brand, pretty good quality, up there with the Campags, Shimano’s of the world with regards vintage componentry. They still make new bits, primarily you’ll find their parts hanging off Orbeas.

Fyxomatosis has a set of Zeus hubs new for $300, for hubs only, so a full wheelset for only $200 stacks up nicely (to say the least).

A new set of basic sealed bearing wheels would come to around ~$400+ so it depends if you want sealed or unsealed?

However, you could always buy them for me! I need new wheels - We should talk!

(Assuming that Mavic MA rims are clinchers not tubulars?)

Zeus good :slight_smile:

Two Zeus good, four Zeus better.

Thanks guys. I think we’ll put a payment down tomorrow.

where/ What LBS sells this gear for that little $ any other gear hangin around that should be snapped up?

It’s in Hobart, and the wheels are sitting in my room right this very moment.

They might have more stuff, but I’m building my bike before I start advertising their where-abouts. Slightly selfish I know, but I’m hoping they’ll dig out some nice stuff on the cheap for me.

That’s the spirit :roll:

Don’t tell me anyone else wouldn’t do exactly the same!

I think most here wouldn’t…

Ah well, I’m a selfish one then.

It’s funny to think that this whole exchange started out with you asking folks for help/advice.

Listen, I’m sure you’re right that there probably are folks on here that would sit on a source. I’m just sorry to hear that’s the side you’re content to bat for.

I had a person (one of the admin’s I believe) on here who was willing to lend me a bike tool without having even met me. That’s the sort of person and the sort of disposition that makes this site worth a damn.

Anyway, good luck with your build.

have to admit one of the things i like about the people on this forum is how much individuals on it are willing help each other out.
we happily give stuff away if the person we’re talking to can use it.
we sell stuff moronically cheap if we think the other person will get a kick out of it.
we cheerfully lend equipment that took us months or even years to assemble to anyone who thinks they might be interested in giving it a go.
i’ve seen people from this forum literally give people the shirt (or in most cases, jersey) off their back.
and it never ceases to amaze me that we as a group remain one of the only small subsections of cycling who consistently do this.
i’ve had brightly clad roadies ride past me as i stand on the side of the road mourning the loss of my rear tyre, and not ask if i need a hand.
i’ve had crosscountry MTB riders almost run me down as i try and claw my way out of the ditch i’ve just deposited my self in, and not ask if i’m ok.
yet as a sport we cyclists like to congratulate ourselves on how open and helpfull we are.
if the truth be told, many of the competitive members among us should be taken out and beaten like rabid curs for the way they treat their fellow riders.
ah well. it is, i suppose, our burden to carry.
it is, i suppose, our duty to enlighten.
and it is, i suppose, our very good luck to be involved with people, the vast majority of which will continue to act the way we always have.
i think i shall go and drink a non competitive adult alcholic beverage, indulge in childish video games, and bask in the warm glow of the comraderee of the fixie community prior to the next stint as a sales drone in a roadie/cross-county based cycling shop.
who needs my sweaty, smelly jersey today?

Amen to that boys, and Sekt you should feel humbled that you probably will still have a place in this community too. Albeit a short time with that course of attitude I might say :expressionless:

Please don’t try and paint me as some kind of selfish care-for-no-one type. I’d hardly say it’s the side I bat for. Community spirit and sharing is something that’s very important to me, and I’m always happy to help others where I can.

I’m not hoarding cheap gear to sell on Ebay. I’m not buying stuff and keeping it just for the sake of it. I’m not showing off parts that I could tell other people about but choose not to.

I’ve found a local shop who may be able to help me and two mates out with some cheap gear so that we can build our first fixed bikes. They don’t know what they have exactly and we don’t know how much it’s going for. We don’t even know if it will eventuate. We’d like to hope so, but who knows. I’m not even depending on them to even come through with the goods.

I’m not going to be able to defend myself against any accusations of selfishness, but whatever. If this is the test to be a part of this community, then I’ve probably failed.

Let’s just all just go for a ride and calm down then, before somebody says something they’ll regret.

yes, get over it guys.

…how many of you are in Hobart anyway?

well it just so happens that I will be in hobart in a month or so killing time while the GF has a uni for a few days, so I will be on the lookout anyway.
At the end of the day we all love making little discoveries from time to time and you can wander through heaps of bike shops and if you ask about anything that isnt mass produced CF stuff the shop staff dont want to know you, but when they do you know you have found a kindered spirit. Sometimes the LBS might not want to be hassled with everyone picking through old boxes, sometimes they will want to get rid of it.
I have found this site to be an awesome resource and although I havent given and for the same time taken anything from anyone yet, I get great enjoyment seeing whats going on in the fixed World. Big pat on the back to all contributors!

“here, here” to everyone helping eachother out, but also to Sekt for taking his stand… i reckon he’s dead right in doing what he’s doing. Him and his buddies are making up their first fixed bikes, maybe first time with vintage stuff… let em use what they can! i think (know?) that everyone pointing the “selfish finger” would only use his info/source to build their 2nd, 3rd, 4th… Nth fixed bike anyway.

Good on you buddy :slight_smile: i’m sure there are some WIIIIICKED bits and bobs in tassie with the carny scene there.
And to anyone who is dishing out some curry, I know that from now on, everytime something piques your interest on ebay, you’ll let us ALL now about it, with ample time for us to place bids against you :wink: