Is this hub completely broken?

Just wondered is the thread on this completely stripped. Thanks guys.

HOLY CRAP, what did you do?

throw it in the bin.

It’s Dead.

you will need to make the appropriate arrangments

i’m sorry for your loss

you should switch to decaf

just curious…
what brand is the hub, cog & lockring?

Nothing a couple of helicoils can’t fix :wink:

I see the :wink:, but HC are internal not external.

Couldn’t you still run a freewheel on that?

are you serious? maybe with no chain. :evil:

still even if anything catches on to the threading a SS cog needs more threading than that.

I did that to a flip flop normandy hub (I’ll never do the cheap no-name ebay cog again)
but I put a freewheel on it and it’s held up fine, even after a solid climb.

Depends on how you look at it… It would be internal for the cog, external for the hub.

But in any case, I was not serious as you saw.

I think the guy meant the other side of the hub where I could install a free wheel.

Hub is Suzue, dura-ace cog, not sure about the lockring.

so…new hub or new wheel?

new hub or new wheel depends on what sort of rim it is. good quality good nick rim (like a nice open pro or a mint condition deep v or something), new hub. otherwise whole new wheel. remembering new hub will probably mean new spokes too.

‘praper fooked.’