Is this rim completely boned?

I was about to build this old rim up when i noticed the seam was coming apart:

Will this rim die if i try to build it? or will the seam sort of pull together once its tensioned and trued? Its not as split on the inside of it (not separated) but you can see the join.
cheers for any help

For the price you have to pay for spokes it’s not worth build it up and finding out. Bin time.

yeah, i thought that would be the case, but then again i don’t know jack shit about rims and i thought it might have been a common (and solely aesthetic) occurrence.
cheers for the input

even a tiny crack means the bin…unless you wanna ride them off a pier…a long term goal of mine

Use it for keeping your fly fishing lines kink-free in the off season.

It is a pinned rim, of course there is a joint. Run your fingers over the joint for discontinuities. If the joint is twisted, no good, otherwise fine.

Should close up once trued up.

running my fingers over the joint i can barely feel it - the joint is really just a minute gap (<1mm), and it doesn’t seem twisted

after i took the tape off it seems that the join across the upper wall (i’m guessing the pins?) would give it most of its structural integrity.

Also goose, you have something to do with velocity right? so your opinion (which conflicts with the first couple of posts) is worth more?
cheers for the input fellas

Agree with Goose / LWaB, it’s only a joint, all rims have them, some are pinned, some are welded and machined.

A new Mavic Open Pro is around $100, a decent double wall rim can be had for ~$50. Up to you whether to spend more on the build. If it’s a nice new hub, it probably is.

If that rim has plenty of braking surface thickness left, is reasonably round / flat, not gouged, dented, then it’s fine to use. I rebuilt 1974 rims / hubs with new S/S spokes and they were a-ok.