ISIS Bottom Bracket Q

Can I use an FSA ISIS bottom bracket with Truvativ ISIS crank arms? Is there standards among ISIS stuff? Will any ISIS BB work with another brand’s crank arms?


Yes isis was isis it was the similar hollow tech which was not compatible.

i run a FSA BB with Stylo Cranks on one of my rides

ISIS is the standard: International Spline Interface Standard, so yes: they are compatible.

The splines are the same but there was a couple of spindle lengths. Wrong length = bad chainline.

and note that your crank puller for square-taper cranks (if you have one) won’t fit ISIS, you’ll need an ISIS-compatible crank puller.

Cool… thanks for the replies. SRAM Omnium is incompatible w/ the Soma Van Ness frame, the spider hits the chainstays so I’m using a Truvativ crankset for the time being.

I see there are different spindle lengths, I’ll be sure to order the correct one.

Thanks again!

Does anyone have an ISIS BB tool I can borrow? (to be picked up in the Melbourne CBD)

The 8 notch type, which looks to be a bit older. Like this… Park Tool Co.