I’m pretty sure I’m running an ISO crankset on a JIS BB spindle.

I’m going to replace the BB with a sealed Campagnolo Veloce ISO (or any other sealed ISO BB that will fit) one pretty soon, but what’s the damage that I could be doing now? Or are the cranks just going to sit further out?

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For ISO cranks on a JIS bb you’ll need a longer BB axle as they slide on further. Pretty important if you want to get the right chainline.

I also believe you’ll fuck the crank tapers up over time. I’ve seen a lot of this on ISO cranks used with JIS tapered BB axle’s.

… but anyway, here’s Sheldon

Wrong, ISO is smaller than JIS, so shorter BB axle needed.

Sometimes it works (particularly if the ISO cranks are worn), sometimes it doesn’t.

Oops … got it the wrong way round. Thanks for the correct :wink: