IT Band - Knee Pain

Hey guys - Just wondering if there is anyone out there who has experienced ITB pain?

I have a sharp pain on the outside of my knee, sharp enough to be uncomfortable and wake me up at night.

I haven’t changed any set up on my bikes, but after a bit of not riding for a bit - I went out this weekend with the intention to get some climbing in. I also participated in my first bickram yoga class on Friday night, so I can’t say wether it came from the yoga or the ride on Saturday at this point.

If you have had issues, what were the steps that you took to relieve the pain and to avoid it in the future? Is this a physio thing? I have a foam roller that I can use as well.

Thanks chaps!

coffee ben is you go to guy for this one, PM him.

Yeah Physio. My sister would help, but you’d have to go to Cairns.

My guess is a strength difference between the muscles that stabilize the patella. Vastis lateralis < vastis medialis? Need to strengthen the lateralis with exercises, riding bikes making sure you use that muscle. Patella glide taping can help. You’d need to tape laterally ATMO.*

    • not a physio/anatomist.

Sweet - I will book in to see the physio this week, he is pretty good. I just don’t want to not ride, not play hockey, not do yoga so I will get it sorted asap.

Ten minutes on the foam roller every day for a bit see how you go. Must push through the pain!

Have similar issues, initially caused by overstriding and heel striking when running. Persisted when I went back to riding after getting the all clear on my broken L5.

Plenty of rolling with the foam roller and a bunch of different exercises and stretches is the key.

Illiotibial Band Tightness.

The muscles that aren’t quite doing the job, not just the Vastii.

Body weight exercises and stretches are my choice of action.

I’ve started having ITB pain last year and it comes back whenever I push a bit, especially if I do a long hilly ride after some time of the bike. I’ve seen a good physio who gave me strategies to manage it. The roller is good, and I also have a number of other exercises I can show you. If it wakes you up at night it’s pretty serious, so physio ASAP is a good idea.

Edit - the first thing the physio got me to do besides exercises and roller was to get cleats with a lot more float than the ones I was using up to that point. Worked wonders.

Thanks all. Booked in with the physio tomorrow morning at 9. I will take my roller in to get some tips.

Has this started since you’ve got your new roadie?
I find switching between road & MTB, Looks and SPDs does give me some issues.
Foam roller is your friend for most of this. Different stretches may be required so physio best option as you’ve done.

This is really the first time I have felt pain this bad and have ridden the Kumo a fair bit, so I doubt it is an issue there. I feel there may be something up with my MTB set up as the ride on Saturday was fairly long, climby for me since my April wasn’t too heavy with riding due to life stuff getting in the way. The pain set in before my road ride on Sunday as well. I am only guessing it is ITB pain at this point, we will see what Mr Physio has to say I guess.

For the record I own three bikes, each use the same pedals (SPDs). I also have bow legs.

Linked this a while back on here somewhere, but here’s a good PDF on foam rolling - Foam Rolling Manual

But smart choice to see a physio, once something goes from an ache/ soreness to an actual pain - it’s time to see a professional.

Will be interested to see what they say about this. I’ve got a nerve entrapment in my neck at the moment, that basically manifests itself as a sore shoulder and I can feel it pull all the way down into my hand. Lucky my job pays well because sitting at a desk all day since I left uni hasn’t down my neck/back any favors at all.

Dave, have you tried using the mouse with the other hand (serious question, when I was doing my PhD and doing long office hours I got lots of upper back/neck/wrist pains, and that’s one of the things I was recommended to do by physio)? Really odd at first but it may help. Also your workstation/position at desk should be assessed.

Hey Dave, these are the guys I go to. They are only up the road from your home. Physiotherapy - Movehappy Healthcare Centre

I haven’t ever tried that, but given most of my work is done on a laptop there isn’t a whole lot I can do. I don’t have a permanent desk because I’m always in different offices etc so it’s not easy. The problem is more systemic anyway, it would all be a result of having bad posture to begin with so it’s a matter of improving that at the same time. Unfortunately I’ve sort of sat weird because of this injury which has only made it worse.

I’m going to the physio on wentworth avenue and they’ve been good so far, but will consider them if I’m not happy with the progress of the treatment I’m getting now. Fortunately this pain really only occurs when doing certain movements at the gym and not riding so I’m still allowed to do that when I have a back again. How cool is not being 15 and unbreakable.

I had 5 months off the bike with multiple Physio visits a week, yes twice a week for months.
What fixed it was foam roller and massage for a few weeks then starting back slowly

yep, had it something fierce.

i found some minor tweaks to my bike set-up and lots of stretching helped. the physio i went to for a bike fit had the ITB issues, so she basically showed me what helped her. she also said she’s not convinced that foam-rollers that are the best solution (which was good news for me, 'cause i hated every second i spent on that bastard.

will send you some shit.

Yep what HMC said. Lie on your side and roll from the hip to below the knee. Move just a small amount at a time and grind it out. Great for ITB pain.

Went to physio. The pain has dulled down over the last 24 hours which has been good, I am strapped up and have been given a few exercises to do with a massage ball instead of a roller. Got treated like a pin cushion with the dry needling, so am feeling a little fragile/violated at the moment.

Thank you to everyone for their input! Hopefully I will get into a bit of a routine with the stretching + massage.

dry needling is wild…I’ve had it done into the base of my neck/traps before. Freaked me out the first time they hit a tight spot.

Glad the pain has settled down.