It happened again?!?!?!?!

Well last week I wandered into Bicycle revolution up here in Brissie and found myself a roadie which I have since converted to SS. It is nearly finished but I have not posted pics here yet.

Today (on the advice of a bicycle rep I ran into at Ridgways) I gave Caboolture Cycle Sports a call to enquire as to whether they had any track frames lying around. They answered that they had only 1 left and did not seem to excited about it or their ability to offload it.

ME: I am looking for a larger frame.
THEM: This one is pretty big.
ME: I would be looking for a 58cm or bigger.
THEM: This one is 60cm I think.
ME: It is a PROPER track frame??
THEM: Yes, proper track ends and all. It is Reynolds 531 steel and comes with a headset, fork and seatpost. It also has a saddle but it does not look very comfortable.
ME: How much??
THEM: $200 as is.
ME: Hide it out the back. I will be there soon.

Turned out it is a Van Werkhoven World Champion Frame and fork with Campagnolo dropouts on the frame and Gippieme dropouts on the fork. It has Hoffy stamped into the BB shell and came with a Spidel Stronglight headset and a Sakae 27.2mm seatpost which I think may be too big and should be a 27.0mm judging by the super tight fit.
My measurements are that it has a 58cm C-C TT and a 60 cm C-T ST.

So. Anyone want to give me beer for the Brown frame and fork??

That thing is PORNO…great purchase.

Can you put up better photos?

What would you like to see young man???

Go the HOFF.

They is good. Mine has Gippy dropouts as well. There seem to be quite a few Hoffys out there at the mo.

What a find…

What size?

What a find…

What size?[/quote]

Brown frame is 58cm TT and 62cm ST.

Here you go Rhino!!!

Hot damn!

Great buying.

Hope you’ve got some lime green bartape to go with it.

Fuck that.
I need fluoro pink bartape and a hyper colour bandana Blakey!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Agree with Blakey…get some lime green bar tape. That is a good purchase, explaing such a good buy to the missus might be a little hard.

Me thinks its time for some quiet time…

Great find!

Pink is available, ask InThePink. Rhino’s ‘Gears are Gay’ jersey would also suit the colour scheme nicely.

While you’re at it, lime green/bubblegum pink DeepV’s would be bodacious, especially if you have the matching bandanna.


[quote=“MikeyD”]What a find…

What size?[/quote]

Brown frame is 58cm TT and 62cm ST.[/quote]

Too big… Thought it would be.

54TT and 56ST would be perfect…


Edit: also, rims:

well done TR, the brown frame was to be a street fix build wasn’t it? Are you going to get another fork/drill it or keep it brakeless?

Thats Hot (or Cold), is it yours??

Brown was going to be street fixie but I have another roadie with horizontal dropouts that I have made SS and that can easily be converted to fixed for road if/when I want.

Due to this and the ever shrinking bike/office I think I want to offload the brown one.

Nope, stolen from cyclingnews.

you’ll need one of these aswell:


Nice. I just got a 653 vanWerkhoven road bike. ‘531 Renovated’… does that mean its had a tube replacement?