It turns out big steaming piles are worth money in the mind of a crazy person!

Klein Quantum Road Bike 60cm in Sydney, NSW | eBay

polished turd.

don’t we already have two threads in the eBay section for these??

optimists & douchebags…

this thing is clean. Not $2100 clean.

I feel bad for the ego’s of these bike owners who think their pride and joy is a 2-wheeled pot of gold shimmering in the shed. Until the harsh reality of attempting a sale bursts that bubble. I almost want these people’s false sense of pride to remain intact, and not put these bikes on the market.

So many stem mounted shifters on offer tonight.


Oh shit, didn’t even notice the #stemmounted shifters. The turd factor just blew right out.

Also, I recommend checking out his other auctions.

Hands off kents that fkn mugset is mine.