italian aussie

just though i would post up the favorite of my bikes.

sorry about the phone camera, will get some proper photos up soon.

Frame: Hillman (nervex lugs)
Fork: Hillman
Wheels: Weinmann dp18 rims on origen8 hubs
Cranks: Pake with 46 tooth pake chain-ring
BB: ?
Seat Post: SR Laprade
Seat: San Marco Rolls
Pedals: Olympic Pista, made in spain, or shimano clipless
Headset: Campag record
Chain: KMC cool
Stem: cinelli (not pictured)
Bars: nitto noodle (not pictured)
Cog: Roselli 15 tooth
Lockring: Dura-Ace
Tyres: Vittoria zaffiro 2’s

soon to be powdercoated (unsure what colour…) and get some proper Hillman Decals.

I like the spray, did you buy this off user Aeon? Didn’t think he knew what type of frame it was if so.

Yeah he got this off me, I think he did some detective work (I never bother finding out where my bike is from if it’s not written on it).
My legs were too short! Not like Gumby over here.

Looks neat Oscar, come for a spin with Gene soon. Maybe spray it sparkle black with 70’s Hillman decals?

why would you ruin it with powdercoat

Yeah that paintjob is rad, powdercoats can look shit.

Bar tape that shit, would you go into a bar without pants?

Very nice otherwise.

has bar tape now, just didnt at the time because i was getting new bars shortly.
and yeah i got it off Aeons (sean), who bought it off my brothers girlfriends brother, who painted it and told me it was originally a purple hillman with gold decals.
and if you look at the paint job any closer, or a photo off a decent camera, it really isnt rad…

get it painted pro as, maaaan

I just realized that post was stupid, sorry.
Save powdercoating for motorcycle parts, car wheels, and 70’s chair bases with ruined chrome.
Professional paint would be best, cos then it will be suhweet

if its your favourite bike dude then do it the justice of a proper paint job, powdercoat sucks balls

where can you get a proper job done?
and how much does it cost?

look up the yellow pages…

seriously, any panel beater, or spray painter. cant imagine it would be anymore dear than powdercoating.

or just do it yourself. not that hard with a bit of research/prep!

Spray ya bike?

no longer sprayin yo bikes

HLC I wouldn’t recommend just looking up “Spraypainter” in the yellow pages and expecting a tip-top job. Bikes are really hard to paint even for professionals, cause of their complex shape and small surface areas. I’d recommend someone who paints frames regularly and has a setup for it. Pretty easy to lay down paint too thick also.

Cog Bike Cafe in Mt Waverley (Warby trail) has a good painter, spraying auto acrylics. A lot of people used to use Paconi but I’ve heard mixed reports of late. I think that Fyxo used Star Enamellers in Sydney for the restored pogliaghi he sold last year. You could also go and see the guys at Hillman and see who they recommend.

^ all of this is great advice