Italian Road frame for larger gents

Campag drops, columbus. Not to bad for that price.

ive had a japanese frame with campy dropouts, same columbus bb shell and italian threads

just saying … :wink:

You’d say that. It your sale.


Seriously PistaPirate is this true? If you’re the seller, just be honest about it!

Good etiquette would be to disclose if you are the seller advertising your wares.

Just as with your “Dura-Ace” cranks.

(1" Threaded forks are unique?)

his other thread,10099.msg91992.html#msg91992

his other listing

Frame has a beautiful OVAL bottom pipe and set post.

what is a bottom pipe exactly.

i’m also intrigued by the columbus “pipping”

is that a lightweight but strong machine used for getting the seeds out of watermelons?

Columbus MAX is nice though.
Apparently Columbus has reissued it… hmm might buy myself a tubeset :mrgreen:

I’ve always loved the shape of the MAX forks.

That would be MaxLife:

New Max frames:

Nivacrom Max tubesets & lugs from Ceeway:

+1 links Blakey, thanks.

Beautiful shaped tubes. I read somewhere that because of the larger proprietary tubes, the cast lugs tend to be quite heavy. Still, who cares.

Weight weenies… and I know you frequent their forums!

Lugs ~340g. Just get Joe to TIG you a frame instead.

Frezoni, you know it’s the way to go.

There’s a Zona Frezoni in at Gear ATM, bloody nice. :mrgreen:

Are you saying that the whole frame is max or just the fork or just commenting that max is nice?

Looks to me like an aero seat tube and down tube - not ovalised.

I don’t know.
Aero seat tube means it’s Columbus ‘Air’ does it?

Yeah that looks more like it.

Either way they’re both ridiculously cool tubesets…

Air is the predecessor to MAX according to Google

Try finding an aero seatpost these days though

I saw a light blue Cecil Walker ‘Air’ touring frame locked up outside the old jail this week.

Blew my mind. Why would you use an oversized, stiff, aeroooo tubeset for a tourer?

A bit overkill I agree.

You don’t want stiffness on a touring bike do you?

I’d love to have one of these tubed frames in a 56 sq.