Italian Track Frame

Italian track frame fixie bike road columbus sugino njs (eBay item 300493008310 end time 21-Nov-10 20:39:54 AEDST) : Sport

Whats everyones thoughts?

for you to move the thread to the ‘ebay’ section


my badd…

bid away, dude. looks good

I’m bidding on this, pretty keen.

Good luck Aeons! That’s gorgeous.

I won the bidding.
Had money thanks to birthday/ collecting debts
I’ll post it up when it is built.

Wait, whut?

How many toes were lost to get you this bike?

Seems pricey to me.

Nice work dude, would look mad with a red spok on the front and a green one on the back.
Or aeroheads.

Doubt it’s Italian due to the JIS BB.

NIce lugs though.

horrible paint job and doesn’t have any indication as to what brand it actually is, yet it sold for $467?