it's a metal birthday

it’s both heavymetal and heavymetalcyclists birthdays today.

if you’re looking for gift ideas - james likes channel No 5 and jono likes brut 33

i was wondering why i felt so weighed down…

This is pretty rad.


Lets not forget that Jono hates metal.

It sure is.

I wouldn’t say that: it’s more that I’m not as au fait with it as some. Or am I?


Fixed :wink:

I could tell by this morning’s sunrise that today was going to be momentous and truly profound. That its the birthday of 2 of earth’s Gods is no surprise. Happy birfday fella’s … you can each have an exclusive pic shot this morning (@72dpi and you have to save it to your hardrive and print it out if you could be bothered).

Jacktards??? for that, you could’ve at least taken the shorts off…

I did … celebrating your birfday afterwards.

now fixed :wink:


Happy Birthday kids!

So let me get this straight, you’re both called HM AND your birthday falls on the same day??


I knew there must’ve been some reason I felt compelled to wear an Iron Maiden t shirt today.

Happy birthday metals!

happy birthday lads.

from ‘glen and henry forever’.

for his birthday can we change FJ’s name to “posi james”?

i couldn’t find the immortal meme i wanted so here’s some others:

some of those came from this tumblr, pretty lulzy stuff.

Blast beats & bagpipes - Happy Birthday dudes