It's official- cyclists ARE criminals!

More fuel for the fire…

Fines fail to deter cyclists running red lights

MELBOURNE cyclists are running red lights at an alarming rate, with hundreds detected in a covert operation; at one intersection more than one in 10 cyclists ignored the red light.

Hidden cameras placed at 10 Melbourne intersections by the Monash University Accident Research Centre caught 6.9 per cent of the 4225 cyclists observed ignoring red lights.

At one intersection, 13 per cent of cyclists ran the red light.

I was kind of hoping we’d at least make it to morning tea without anyone posting about todays’ instalment of Fairfax vs Cyclists.

makes me want to get a helmet cam and film my ride to work , i can guarantee there would be allot more motorist breaking the law than any cyclist!!

of course, 100% of motorists, pedestrians and tram drivers would never ever dream of running reds, speeding, doing an illegal u-turn. that being said, i rarely run reds. not due to my being worried about a fine but because i don’t want every cyclist painted with the same shit-smeared brush.

I’d like to see them go back to those intersections and observe how many cars break the law… mobiles, speeding, running lights… I’d lay money it’s more than 6.9%

Took them long enough to publish these results. 2008/09 is the timeline of these ‘crimes’

I haven’t dared to look at the ‘gulp’ comments section at the end of the article

^it’s actually not as bad as I thought.

My favourite part is “if other vehicles were present, they were less likely to run the red”. Who’d have thought it, that you’re less likely to run a red if there’s any actual danger!

^ I think they mean vehicles stopped beside you. It’s human nature because you know you’re being watched.

i’d like to know what the 10 intersections were. if all 10 were the similar to the one in the photos, well, who really gives a shit. at least 80% of pedestrians don’t observe the red light at the photographed intersection.

^ Indeed. It’s not exactly Hoddle St, is it?

From the picture in the paper this morning it looked like the intersections down Swanston street, which should really be give ways!

somebody set up a poll. who runs reds here??


I can’t understand the negativity. 93% of cyclists don’t run red lights. That sounds like a good result to me.


I’d like to know in that same year how many cyclists were involved in red light running related accidents.

and the percentage who do run lights, do it mostly when there’s no cars around… ie safer

“If other vehicles including bikes were present, cyclists were deterred from disobeying red lights, the study found.”

and the study,

also: “Cyclists who stopped but then ‘jumped’ the
red light (Johnson et al., 2008) crossing before the light they were
facing turned green, typically in the few seconds the cross light had
changed to red, were coded non-compliant.”

this surely bumped the percentage up quite a bit.

Saw this on another forum.

Stopping at lights is great. Good chance to take it all in. I like to be on familiar terms with the city in which I live. If I needed to save minutes (hours), I’d stop visiting this website so often.

I LOL’d.