It's raining Ken, halleluja

Another one on the bay KENEVANS PUSHBIKE | eBay

Looks to have pantos as well.

Thread title of the year.

Pantos and internal brake routing. Have sent seller a question about frame sizing.

Looks biggish…57,58?

I reckon this is the best ken posted in a long while.


the bundy seems alright too. 58cm…?

Seller responded:

hi its approx 590mm from the crank to the start of seat tube and top post is 580mm long

  • maxkerr4602

Bundy looks bent.

Nah, that’s just paranoia from your last purchase(wink) Top tube has a bit of rust(??) where aqua meets white, but the underside of the TT looks straight enough. I’m always leery of big frames with slammed seat posts from the stuck post angle though.

Edit , just read the description about dents, well spotted FG!

$272 for the Ken. Reasonable.

$202.50 for the Bundy. I reckon someone is gonna be disappointed paying that for a bent bike.