Its snowing in bleconnen

(as title)

It snowed on me out at Tidbinbilla this morning. Started off as hail and then eased to a bit of snow. The clouds were moving out over to you by the looks of it

ANU is getting dumped on as well! Field work at blackmountain is cancelled.

It’s snowing on my desk!!! oh wait - moustache dandruff.

Only liquid water drops here in Manuka. Winter is coming though.

How the commute this morning, Canberrans?

No snow in Reid either, but light rain and now back to sunshine. Snow at the ANU eh?

28 in Brisbane

Ha - best!



could have sworn there were a few snow flakes mixed in with the hail here in melbs looking out my 15th floor window a few minutes ago

Was working in wye river today. If I had a snowflake for more every person who stopped to tell me,
(1) “it’s cold”
And (2) “did you hear it’s snowing in Lorne?”

I would have a significant number of snowflakes.